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Various marketing tricks on Instagram as well as on any other social media catch us and keep us on the hook. And perhaps unwittingly, we are getting attached to brands, apps, and products. What are the particular tricks marketing experts do to grow an army of loyal fans on Instagram with buying followers or doing it only natural way? And why, consciously or not, we allow to control us by ourselves?

Buying Instagram followers gives digital marketing professionals and Instagram accounts owners the advantage to decorate, to overemphasize the value and to create an image of success to anything so making us believe it's not an account of something usual, but a supernaturally healthy product, super delicious or absolutely irreplaceable. This effect manifests particularly evident in case of making a choice from two similar products. Without these marketing tricks, you might have chosen a completely different product.

For example, during the blind tasting of 2014 the wine which is sold in supermarkets at two bucks a bottle, earned two gold medals at the international exhibition “Wines of the East Coast”, leaving more than 100 of prestigious and deluxe brands too far behind the leader. In 2007, the Chardonnay of the same manufacturer was named the best in California. But if people see the label on the bottle, no one would vote for just a two-dollar wine. This effect is called a marketing placebo. Manufacturers and companies and individuals have to invest a lot of money to promote and empower the brand or just take another way and just change the pricing. A company may announce a new brain-stimulating beverage. In fact, it will be just a flavored soda. However, if you use such a product and then pass the tests, it turns out that your brain activity has increased. If they tell you that this is a very expensive drink, your indicators will change even more noticeable. It's hard to believe, but the whole thing is kept in your suggestion.

It's all the same if speaking of Instagram accounts, posts, photos, videos, and stories. People buy Instagram followers for the same reason - to raise the value of their content and accounts in the eyes of their following and guests that view their publications. A big number of followers is one of the essential triggers that stimulate the real audience to get engaged in social activity. In other words, if you buy 100 Instagram followers, most likely you will get an organic increase in followers shortly as a result of it as well.

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