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Most buyers claim that advertising has no effect on them. Even the biggest digital marketing agencies are reluctant to say that advertising and marketing efforts lead directly to sales. These reflections trouble both sociologists and financial directors: the first, because they believe that buying the ADs works, and the second ones - because they are quite certain in it does not work. Social media marketing with its ideas of buying 1000 Instagram likes and followers is all the same with it since any brand's presence on the biggest platforms is already an integral part of a digital promotion strategy.

So what is really happening now? Who is right or wrong? Is it true that buying likes on Instagram drives sales? How does it really work?

Why Buy 1000 Instagram Likes For Marketing

Recent progress in neuroscience and psychology have greatly advanced ideas about how memory and brain work. The discoveries in these sciences have important implications for marketing because it is driven by how it creates and refreshes memories. Thinking and decision making is largely unconscious and emotional. Nevertheless, traditional advertising theories are based on an obsolete notion that rational behavior in decision making is peculiar to a person. In our case of buying 1000 Instagram likes on your pics, it is that emotional trigger that makes real users put some natural organic likes to it and more likely to follow your account on Instagram.

A very small part of our consciousness is the work of a pure mind. The main source of human motivation are emotions, and they significantly affect attention, memory, and behavior. Not surprisingly, ADs and commercials are so actively appealing to the senses. The main thing - to cause emotions. Emotions are especially clear to see in commercial videos, when the audience laughs with the heroes of the movie about the drink, or experiences horror, and then relief when they talk about insurance from the screen. People watch movies, listen to music, read books basically in order to experience emotional experiences. When such occasions are given by a promotional effort it gets noticed and given much more attention to it. So it would be a bright idea to work your content according to this concept and buy 1000 Instagram likes on such posts to strengthen the emotional basis.

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